Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Small Portion of Pancakes and a Visiting Friend

Last Thursday I woke up in the earlier noted unfamiliar bed not having had slept much, as one doesn't when under unfamiliar covers. I had the day off but was supposed to meet my friend in Connolly Station around 10 so I had anxiously tried to calculate before going to bed at what time I had to get up in the morning in order to have time to walk Chucky, get dressed and make my way into town. My calculations worked out to be rather masterfully made as Chucky was happily exercised, myself clad and at the station on time. Me, on time, no?!

At the station I met up with Annika. We used to work together in my previous job but our paths separated when I got my new job and she eventually moved back to Holland. I was supposed to meet up with her before she left but I was going through the breakup with John and somehow it never happened. She told me she would be coming back to Dublin for a short visit and I was more than happy to agree to meet her.

We agreed to make it an early start to the day so we could fit in a lot of gossip and hopefully some adventure, before I had to head back "home" to Chucky to make sure he got some fresh air and another walk.

Neither of us having have had much of a breakfast we decided to go to a café she told was not only adorable but had pretty yummy food. She didn't wind up eating a lot, simply drinking tea out of a very cute tea service. 

I don't actually remember the name of the café but I have actually been in it before. The coffee is absolutely yummy and the place has a very quaint feel to it which is always a very easily approved thing.

Annika was a very popular girl. Apparently if you update your Facebook that you will be in the country you used to live in and also include your mobile number, people will not leave you alone but will understandably try to get a piece of you before you leave again.

The important question is whether the clovers were purchased like so, or whether some clever soul formed them out of tinsel. The one time I had ventured inside I had only gotten a coffee to go so I had actually been oblivious to the fact that they also serve food. Hooray for food!

I like the guitar you can get a glimpse of in this picture!

I had pancakes and bacon for breakfast. The pancakes were yummy but please, what kind of breakfast contains two pancakes? GIVE ME MORE PANCAKES DAMN IT!

Isn't the place just so adorable?!

I love crepes but to me a crepe will always be a sweet dish, enjoyed with the likes of maple suryp, whipped cream and/or jam. I'm not such a big on crepes with a salty filling.

Seriously? Let's not even talk about their desserts. Did I try any? No. But only because I would probably have had to buy a whole cake after trying one piece. *Dreamy distant look*

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