Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Yummy Gossip Fest

I have a very grown up weekend which included socialising but hardly involved any alcohol. I know, shocking for Ireland, right?

I used to work with Urszula and sit right next to her. Since I started my new job I haven't seen so much of her though. The last time I saw her was in June or July when I was a little bit of a wretched mess after the breakup with John. It didn't actually hit me it's been that long since I've last seen her but after we met up at the Spire this Friday and squeezed each other in a hug, we both made a note of how long it's been since we've actually seen each other.

When girls haven't seen each other for a long time (actually all other times are great too) what is needed is a good gossip fest. We decided we would go and grab a bite to eat somewhere and catch up.

This was at the Spire by the way. I had somehow missed that they had lit the Christmas tree, it was the first I had seen it this year. I remember it looking quite different last year. I'll have to have a peep at some old pictures. It's very cozy though, I approve of the different coloured lights.

I let Urszula decided where we should go and eat. She led the way to a pub called The Hairy Lemon. It was absolutely packed but we managed to find a somewhat quiet corner to have a seat in.

Show me some vintage posters and I'm happy. I liked the vibe of the place.

Usually it takes me ages to decide what to eat but it wasn't too painful to decide on this occasion. I never remember the description of what I ordered after I eat/photograph it. This is some sort of potatoe/roast vegetable/chicken concoction topped with melted goat's cheese. MMMMMMMM if I may say so. I was very surprised at the way the food was dished out on the plate. With the vibe the place had and with the slightly cheap feel the menus had I thought it was going to be your average pub food served in an average pub food kind of way. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

We both had a Guinness as surprisingly I do actually enjoy Guinness now. I'm still not convinced beer should be consumed by anybody though, it still tastes suspiciously close to bread for my liking. Urszula had a Blackcurrant Guinness. I didn't know what kind of strangeness this was but she urged me to take a sip of her drink. MMMMMMMM if I may say so again. It's very simply a Guinness with a dash of blackcurrant. Apparently it's a little bit of a lowbrow way of enjoying a Guinness and apparently Urszula's boyfriend finds the need to always mention that he is not ordering the drink for himself if he orders it for her in a bar. Maybe I'm a little bit lowbrow but I found it very enjoyable.

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