Friday, December 28, 2012

Artsy Temporary Place to Rest my Head

I staid four nights in Hege's place and was fortunate enough to not have to sleep on some uncomfortable couch. Instead I had my very own spare room to my use which had a spacious double bed as well as an en-suite. The room is Hege's spare room but she keeps it as her studio, where she does some of her art work.

I only stayed a few nights but I came equipped with a large, heavy suitcase. I didn't want to have to go back to my own place if I needed something and brought a few changes of clothes. I tend to be a little bit messy so after the first two (ahem, one?) nights my stuff was spilling out of my suitcase. Hege had a peep into her spare room when she came back and she made a comment about it later that I was a very messy person and how it was interesting how I had managed to create a mess within such a short space of time. I guess I can't help it.

(And yes I know that this all happened ages ago but I've been so low on energy lately that I never got around to sharing until now.)

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