Monday, December 10, 2012

Confused Monkeys at a Bazaar in Monkstown

The first Sunday of the month I was invited to go to a Swedish Bazaar out in Monkstown. With having had received the invite about four hours before it would start, I do believe it is the first event I have agreed to go to on such short notice. It's especially noteworthy I was able to get dragged out of the house with such short notice on a Sunday.

I extended the invite to a few of my friends but the only person I managed to talk into joining Pilvi, Daniel and I was David.

We took the train out to Seapoint and ran around in the rain like confused monkeys trying to find the place. The entrance was supposed to be marked with a large Swedish flag.

Once we finally were able to find it we stepped into some sort of communal building. There was an older man selling mulled wine upstairs and once you ventured downstairs there was lots more to see: Swedish food, candy and some Scandinavian handicrafts/delph. 

There was a Saint Lucia's Day procession as well. Saint Lucia's Day is celebrated on the 13th of December so it was a little bit early but it was quite nice to see something which reminds me of home. 

They sang songs in Swedish. For some reason I hadn't figured they would actually be Swedish. The kids were absolutely adorable.

This is the "large" Swedish flag which marked the entrance. No wonder we couldn't really spot it.

David, Daniel and a cheerful Pilvi.

We didn't stay out too long, but it was getting dark when we started making our way back home.

Pilvi being paparazzi-d by me. I tried to take pictures of the others but certain people were giving me the finger when I tried to so I stuck with Pilvi.

There was actually a Finnish bazaar this past Saturday but I was way too exhausted to go. More about that later. I've had a long weekend!

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