Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Early Nordic Christmas Dinner

Hege had invited a few people to come over to her place for a Nordic Christmas Dinner on Saturday. Everybody were told that they must upon arrival wear something Christmas-y.

Hege was a busy beaver in the kitchen and ran around multitasking like a champion. I offered to help but she didn't seem willing to accept too much help. To be honest she did everything a lot better than I would have been able to. Hats off for Hege.

There was so much food! We couldn't fit everything onto the dinner table so we arranged everything on a kitchen counter. Christmas Dinner Buffet. A few people weren't able to make it so we were a few less than originally planned. Here you can see Deirdre, Hege and Malika.

We crammed everything onto the table like so.

Malika brought gingerbread cookies which she and her boyfriend had made from scratch. They were in a cute metal tin but Malika complained that her boyfriend had been agressively shaking the tin so that most of the gingerbread cookies were deformed in some way. Here is a picture of an amputated horse which I enjoyed.

Hege poses with a bunny.

Deirdre told us that she didn't really have a big interest in Christmas. She was a good sport and arrived in reindeer antlers though. I was wearing a Christmas jumper but happened to have an extra with me. My reindeer jumper with the fluffy red nose completed her reindeer look.

We had a few goodies on the table for dessert. In the background you can see a bowl of cream/mascarpone/prune concoction which I had made from a Finnish recipe. I'm not sure of the name o the dessert but I love it and it's an incredibly easy dessert to make.


Chucky was sleeping on an armchair behind us. He wanted to feel apart of the evening.

I absolutely love this picture of Deirdre. Her scrunched up, laughing face matches the scrunched up face of the reindeer on her shirt. Oh bliss, what a happy picture!

Hege wore pajama bottoms and slipper socks and was both comfortable and festive. I eyed up her slipper socks because they look incredibly comfortable.

Somebody had brought mince pies and we put them in the oven for a few minutes. We didn't keep them in the oven as long as the packaging advised us to, but they still came out a little bit burned. I didn't try one because I don't like them. 

We chatted and laughed well into the night. I was falling asleep and was finding it hard to keep my eyes open but I didn't want to be rude and go to bed. It was a great night but I was happy when people started leaving. I had a very long weekend and I needed sleep!

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