Saturday, December 1, 2012

Frostbites and Burning Steel Wool

The following email conversation took place between me and Hege the other week:

Hege: There's a photowalk on the 28th. David was going to mention it to you.
Me: Who's David?
Hege: He's my friend.
Me: Did I meet him? Do I know him?
Hege: I think he reads your blog.
Me: I don't remember meeting any Davids when out with you. What does he look like? *Totally forgot strangers can start following blog due to it being public*
Hege: *Sends link to David's Facebook profile*
Me: Yep, I have no clue who this David is.

I decided a photowalk seemed like fun so I agreed to go. I got a message from David on Facebook a few days before the walk with some details about it and we exchanged numbers. The photowalk was in Clontarf where I had never previously been and had no idea how to get out to, so he offered to give me a ride as he would be driving over. On the day of the walk he gave me a call when he was outside my house and I rushed out the door once I had managed to locate socks, scarf, gloves and grabbed my jacket.

I did a quick glance up and down the street and saw a parked car which had the headlights on. I decided this looked like a car which was waiting for another passenger and went over to knock on the window of the passenger door. The man inside smiled and gave me a wave so I thought this was a good indicator it might be David. I opened the door and was going to step inside, but then thought I would make sure and leaned over and enquired whether his name was David to which he said it was. Thankfully it was the David I was waiting for and not a random guy named David parked on my street.

David had suggested I wrap up warm, which I had agreed was a good idea. I didn't expect for it to be quite as cold as it was though. Even though I was wearing thick socks and sneakers my feet were seriously contemplating whether they would find a more meaningful existence as ice blocks. I was seriously thankful that I was wearing earmuffs!

One fellow photowalker and David. There were about a dozen or so of us but I forgot the names of everybody...

David let me try using his tripod. I had never used one before and found it kind of a hassle to adjust and pull all the levers when adjusting the placement of the camera in order to take a picture. I would hope it's something you become quicker at with practice.

The end of the night was spent in sparks. The equipment was a pair of jump leads, a metal whisk and some steel wool. The wool was set on fire and the volunteer proceeded to swing this around. 

Here "guy with moustache" is having a go.

"Only other girl present" went up for a swing.

As did "guy with backpack".

This is my favourite picture out of the ones with sparks.

I couldn't have been happier when it was announced it was getting late and too cold because I wasn't sure my feet or hands would be able to put up with much more of the cold.

Frostbites aside, it was a great evening!

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  1. I could never go any where with complete strangers. But then I'm more reclusive I suppose.