Sunday, December 2, 2012

Me Against the Elements

The Irish winter is here. I thought we had seen most of the rain as a bitter cold had swept over Dublin but I was wrong as it has eased up making way for different types of rain (both lashing rain and the kind where it feels more like a fog) the last few days that all still manage to soak you if you venture outside.

This is what I will look like when trying to protect myself from the elements:


My furry leopard earmuffs!


I don't believe in umbrellas. They're too easy to forget at home or to leave behind in some public place and they always seem to either get too close to poking somebody's eyes out or blow inside out. I prefer the good old scarf around your head. As you can see from the picture it does tend you get you a bit soaked but at least it saves you from looking like a soaked cat when it comes to your hair.

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  1. you look very suprised at something in the lower picture.