Monday, December 17, 2012

Peer Pressure and Tinsel

I found myself an utterly exhausted mess after such an eventful Thursday. I had thought about taking Friday off, but as I couldn't quite make up my mind about it I never put in a request. Had I known that I was expected to take Chucky for a long walk, also in the morning before leaving for work, I would definitely had taken the day off. 

As my alarm went off I grudgingly got out of bed at a time which I had never gotten out of bed on a Friday before. I made my confused body take Chucky for his walk and then hurried to make my way into work. Due to temporarily residing in Dublin suburbia the commute would take quite a bit of time longer than usual. 

After a bleary eyed day at work I arrived back home and again took Chucky out for a walk. I thought I would have a very uneventful Friday at home for the rest of the evening: Me, Chucky and the Christmas tree. The most exciting thing I had planned for the evening was to have a hot bath.

What happened was that I collapsed into a pile on the couch as soon as I got back from Chucky's walk. I tried to picture myself getting up and running a bath but I wasn't sure whether it would be possible. I did actually take some pictures of Hege's Christmas tree. The effort was very minimal as I was sitting on the floor for most of it. 

At some stage I got a text message from David asking me to come out to a friend's place for a few drinks. David lives very close to Hege and his friend's place was even closer. I politely declined but this resulted in him calling me. I kept trying to explain there wasn't much energy left in me and that even if I did decide to join him and his friend, I would still have to have a shower and get ready which would take about an hour and it was already late. After being verbally prodded for 15 minutes over the phone I finally agreed to go. 

I let Hege know I would be going out and as she would be getting home that same night I was advised to put her keys in her mailbox as she had the key for it. I was only gone for a few hours and I arrived back home at the same time that Hege did. It was a good night.

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