Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sexy Exercise, but not What You Think

I spent most of last week sleeping in an unfamiliar bed. A strange room, covers which didn't have the same feel as my own nor had the same smell. I didn't sleep too well. It's probably why I was utterly exhausted for most of the weekend.

Before anybody starts raising their eyebrows and nudging me, I can say that it's not related to anything nudge worthy. 

Hege went to Germany for two days and I had promised to babysit her dog. As her flight would be early Thursday morning I went over on Wednesday evening so Chucky would get some exercise in the morning and so Hege could get a bit more sleep.

Hege told me that there was a pair of pants hanging off of the door to her room that I could use when I was walking Chucky. They were neon yellow Holly Hansen heavy-duty work pants. I don't know why but for some reason I felt very sexy wearing them. I have a thing for men in uniform, maybe there's some sort of connection there.

This is Chucky. Isn't he cute?


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    1. Who's taking the picture of you by the tree? The dog?