Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bribed Attendance

I haven't been a full year in my current job yet, but with Christmas around the corner I assumed there would be an office Christmas party. Indeed, somebody was appointed to walk around among us workers and count our votes for which of the presented options we saw best fit for our Christmas Extravaganza. I carefully considered all three options and picked a venue, as did everybody else. I was a little bit surprised when over the next few days I was not prompted once, but to twice yet again cast my vote. It appeared that not many people seemed too keen on the whole idea and they were trying to get people to get engaged and get a higher attendance. 

The end result? They encouraged (read: bribed) people to attend by deciding on a shared meal in a restaurant for which you would be able to get off work a few hours early to attend. It's always great to be able to get off work a little bit early but I have to admit that it didn't quite feel like a Christmas party.

I should perhaps not complain. My company did treat me to a yummy meal. Food!!

Such a happy picture of some of the guys.

Maruja and Julieta.

Lots of people whose names I do not know. Remember why?

Christmas decorations! I'm sorry but Christmas decorations make me squeal like an excited child.

The people from my department were all sitting together. It's very serious business eating bread judging by everybody's stern expression.

Celine drinking Baileys and looking adorable (in her new sparkly skull patterned top if I may ad). 

Cheerful ladies.

We had a small ceremony where trophies were handed out for different achievements. Earlier in the day our manager had called our department over for a small meeting as he had to announce that we would not be getting any trophies as our work was calculated in a different manner which would be more difficult to rate. It resulted in us not paying too close attention to the ceremony. We did hear a bit of clapping in the background as we were engaged in conversation.

Another table full of people whose names I do not know. Ciara is hiding in the back - drinking from a glass - though.

Gael and Jelle: My Team Leader and Manager.

Mark, Jerry and two lovely girls. 

Kay and Axel in heated discussion.

Myself in a little elf hat, looking slightly serious.

Laura, Julieta and Chiara.

It was a very relaxed evening and I was in a good mood when I made my way home. The fussy, warm vibe to my evening unfortunately came to an abrupt halt as I found myself in front of my house without keys. It took me an hour to get back out to the office to retrieve my forgotten keys and back home. It made sinking into the bed so much more rewarding. The rest of the weekend would be utterly enjoyed!

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