Monday, March 25, 2013

Gingerbread Busines near Christmas Part 2

Baking gingerbread cookies with your family should be a jolly and festive activity to bring you closer as a family. I remember it kind of coming close to achieving something similar to this. I do also remember that it got boring very fast! You knead out the dough, cut out adorable figures and lick your lips while imagining your teeth sinking into the cookie as it's come out of the oven and turned delicious. Bunch the punched out and stringy dough together and start all over again. Repeat for an additional seven or so times and suddenly it's boring. You look at the amount of dough that is left (practically all of it) and wonder:

1. Exactly how long is this going to take?
2. When can I eat a gingerbread cooki?
3. Seriously, how much dough is there left?!
4. Can I make a salami shaped/sized gingerbread cookie? Will it cook evenly in the oven?

As it's been quite a few years since I've done any type of baking, I had of course forgotten all about this.

We set up in Pilvi's tiny kitchen and started cutting out figures with the tiny little cookie cutters I had brought over. Cookie cutters which I had bought in last year's post-Christmas sale as they were Christmas themed and small, thus of course making them adorable. I love Christmas, I love adorableness. The second I saw these, they had to be mine. It didn't make matters any worse that they were about 50 cents or so.

Cute, cute, cute!

Daniel actually did not stay seated and joined our festive baking. Pilvi and I got a little bit tired of making them (refer to above) so his helping out was much appreciated. 

This is what the slightly less obscene cookies turned out. Some of them were unfortunately a little burned. Most of the cookies were put into this metal jar and shoved into my arms. Pilvi and Daniel were both going to Finland the following morning/evening/I don't remember, so I was told to enjoy them. 

I ate all of them over Chritmas. Verdict? YUMMMMMMMM!!!! 

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