Monday, March 25, 2013

Setting the Scene: Where are the Garbage Bags?

You might wonder what this picture is all about. A table covered with a black plastic garbage bag? What appears to be a punch bowl filled with some kind of beverage and fruit adventurously hanging off of the edges?

Like I told you before, Pilvi and I decided to be festive and make gingerbread cookies for Christmas. We were efficient little elves and made the dough ourselves. After the dough had settled overnight we decided to see what our cookies as well as our baking skills would amount to.

I went over to Pilvi and Daniel's place. They have a somewhat teeny tiny kitchen so we decided to set up on the table in the livingroom, thus the very classy looking garbage bag set up. We did however come to the conclusion that the kitchen would, small as it was, perhaps be more sufficient. The garbage bag turned out to be more of a impromptu splatter guard for any possible accidents, as we were having a few drinks while doing our baking.

Daniel chose to remain seated in front of the computer, which was conveniently located beside the kitchen, making it very easy for him to lean over and do some cute, playful quibbling with Pilvi.

I saw their fruit bowl in the kitchen and had to ask what one of the poor melons had had to endure. It had in fact not been the object of crazy, scientific tests, it had been made into a vodka melon. In case you're wondering how to make a vodka melon: Chop a "lid" off of the top of the melon. Carve a crater inside the melon. Fill with vodka. Secure lid with toothpicks. Check melon now and then. Eat melon when the vodka has completely disappeared into the melon.

And after.... It has mostly grown back out but I felt quite doll like with this haircut. At the time I thought it was just a tad too short but looking at this picture I'm not entirely sure.

I paparazzied their apartment...

I had asked Emmet to join us but he couldn't make it so it was just me, Pilvi and Daniel. We got a little bit tipsy and ran back and forth between the kitchen (amazing gingerbread cookies taking shape) and livingroom, as we were all taking turns DJ-ing songs from Youtube.

I know that these are all pictures of their apartment but I couldn't get the gingerbread cookie pictures and these blend together in a post so I decided to separate them. Curious about what those damn cookies wound up looking like? Cookies coming up next...

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